DHHS Program 2023 Application

HHS is the agency that provide the largest grants in the U.S. Most of our  grants are provided directly to families, individuals, territories,  states,  tribes, and educational sectors. These grants are given to people and organizations who are eligible to receive funding.

Application Steps

To Apply for the Home Care and Family Support Program;

  1. Click on the live chat icon to contact an online Agent.
  2. Request for a grant application.
  3. Fill the required details for your application and wait for your application to be approved. 

Note: Do not leave the application page until the agent update you with the status of your application (If it is approved or not).The available grants are as follows:

  • Cash Grants
  • Small And Large Business Grants
  • College And Scholarships Grants
  • Federal & State Grants
  • Private Foundation Grants
  •  Grants For Women
  • Housing And New Homes Grants.

(Note) Grant is only given to eligible citizens and failure to claim an awarded grant on a delivery date will lead to cancellation of application. 

Click on the chat icon to communicate with an online agent for your application 

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